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The Lokahi Way

Insight into our process of making your mission a success.

This process transcends a particular program, client, or specific domain. This is a tried and proven process with over 30 years of experience built into this approach. This way of doing business is based on our value system and fundamental to everything we do.


Understand the Mission

Big Picture

Identify target/expectations, seek out clarification, when necessary.  Identify policy and guidance.  Listen to what others have to say, observe their behaviors.  Gather information.


Assemble the TEAM that is:

Battle Tested

Leverage lessons identified and best practices. 

Established Processes

Baseline performance utilize standards bring experience.  Provide steadiness/continuity.  Work issues resolution and make sure the little things are taken care of.  

Domain Experts

Bring experience SME’s, develop, grow the team and develop common lexicon to communicate effectively.


Establish the Communication Framework

Info Mobility

 Implement data management system utilize multiple forms of communication to produce desired results.


Lead the Team and Manage Stakeholder Expectations:

Find Trusted Partners

Work together with the team to develop trust and readily share information. 

Cultivate Relationships

 Collaborate with members of the team to strengthen the relationship and overcome external constraints such as ITAR.


Develop/Adapt/Execute Plan

Shared Destiny

 Align the team with the goals and objectives of the assignment and position them for success and obtain commitment to work the gameplan i.e., Playbook.  Encourage early involvement. 

Dynamic Game Planning

Get a head of the game being a fire Marshall instead of fire fighter, anticipate problems earlier in the process continuously strategize and resource resolution of these matters. Leverage risk management/opportunities system to stay ahead of future issues. 

Relentless Determination

Bring energy, grit, attitude, and effort.


 Deliver first pass success to produce the desired outcome, I.e., win the game.
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